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Insurance, Fees & Payments
New Patient Forms

Please check our NEW online patient registration portal where you can fill out your patient registration any time of day. Registering online will save time when you arrive for your appointment. This will ensure that you are seen as quickly as possible when you arrive for your appointment. Registration only takes about 10 minutes. Before you start the registration process, have your medical insurance card at hand. You must fill out all required fields for the registration process to be complete. If you have any questions call our office at (803) 276-7978. 


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Emergencies & Refills

Our office will submit claims for insurance carriers with which we participate. However, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know your particular insurance plan benefits.

We strongly encourage you to contact your insurance carrier ahead of time and verify appropriate coverage.

Payment in full is due at the time services are rendered unless we are submitting charges to your insurance company. Copays and deductibles are due at time of service or your appointment may be rescheduled.

For more information see our financial policies.

Insurance, Fees & Payments

We will schedule you an appointment as rapidly and efficiently as possible. We do not like having you wait anymore than you like waiting. We triage all calls based on urgency and will do our best to get you a same-day appointment if needed, or to get you in within 24 hours if your situation is less urgent. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know in advance. A "NO SHOW" will generate a $30 fee and three no shows may require that you seek your medical care elsewhere. 

When an EMERGENCY arises, and you need to get in touch with our on-call service, you may call our office at (803) 276-7978. You will be directed to our on-call service personnel, who will then provide you with appropriate instructions. As a reminder, this option should only be used for emergencies.

Please be aware that as a general rule, we DO NOT call-in antibiotics and/or medication refills, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will narcotics be called to the pharmacy.

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911
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